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Here you can find resources that could be helpful to you and your club. If you want to share other resources with us, please pass them along to us and we’ll add them in.

For your Awana club

    1. Ten Standards of excellence
    2. Preparation for a new year
    3. How-to-Publicize Your Awana Club
    4. Crunched for space
    5. Theme night ideas
    6. How to use the “Gospel Wheel”
    7. “Who” is Awana?
    8. Let’s talk about Volunteers
    9. Tell the World
    10. brite* – What is it?
    11. Grace in Action (Old Vs. New)

Sparks Audio Downloads

  1. Hang Glider
  2. Wing Runner
  3. Sky Stormer

Parent Resources

  1. Free Family Discipleship Resources
  2. A Parent’s guide to Gender Identity (link coming soon)


  1. The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self
  2. Leader Training